Missing Links was started in January 2016, with a motive to help business owners run their businesses smoothly and successfully through educating them with the essential business knowledge.

Unfortunately, our traditional education system is focused on creating job seekers, and do not cover the most important aspect of economy, ‘The Business Owner’ and do not include knowledge about how to run a successful business. They completely lack the training on essential business skills that every business owner must have, irrespective of their field.

It is painful to see that most businesses fails, not because they do not have a good product or service, but they lack the essential knowledge on business management such as Marketing, Planning, Team Management, Finances, Investment etc., other than their technical knowledge.

This is where Missing Links steps in.We aim at bringing the real-world business knowledge based on internationally recognized theories and frameworks, and backed with decades of experience of our trainers, who themselves are real business owners. Those who have made their achievements in various areas, created great success stories and showed new path in the industry. Those who are generous to share their real-life practical wisdom with others to help them grow.
Some of the activities undertaken by Missing Links are –

  • Co-working spaces & Virtual Offices for startup.
  • Trainings & Workshops for Business Owners.
  • Networking Events, Free Book Library, Helpline.
  • Business Coaching and Consultancy.
  • Corporate Trainings for business owners & their teams.
  • Open platform for other speaker


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Aniket Deshpande 

CEO,Tekina Solutions and Services

Sadhna Gaikwad




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