Simon Sinek: Why Good Leaders Make You Feel Safe

“You know, in the military, they give medals to people who are willing to sacrifice themselves so that others may gain. In business, we give bonuses to people who are willing to sacrifice others so that we may gain. We have it backwards.”

“Leadership is a choice. It is not a rank. I know many people at the senior most levels of organizations who are absolutely not leaders. They are authorities, and we do what they say because they have authority over us, but we would not follow them. ”

David S. Rose: Pitching to VCs

“The entire purpose of a VC pitch is to convince them that you are the entrepreneur in whom they are going to invest their money and make a lot of money in return.”

“If you’re not passionate about your own company, why on Earth should anyone else be passionate? Why should they put more money into your company, if you’re not passionate about it? So, integrity and passion: the single most important things out there.”

Jason Fried: Why Work Doesn’t Happen at Work

“If you ask people the question: where do you really need to go when you need to get something done? Typically you get three different kinds of answers. One is kind of a place or a location or a room. Another one is a moving object and a third is a time.”

“You look back on your day, and you’re like, I got nothing done today. I was at work. I sat at my desk. I used my expensive computer. I used the software they told me to use. I went to these meetings I was asked to go to. I did these conference calls. I did all this stuff. But I didn’t actually do anything. I just did tasks. I didn’t actually get meaningful work done.”

Kelly McGonigal: How to Make Stress Your Friend

“Researchers estimated that over the eight years they were tracking deaths, 182,000 Americans died prematurely, not from stress, but from the belief that stress is bad for you. That is over 20,000 deaths a year. Now, if that estimate is correct, that would make believing stress is bad for you the 15th largest cause of death in the United States last year, killing more people than skin cancer, HIV/AIDS and homicide.”

“When you reach out to others under stress, either to seek support or to help someone else, you release more of this hormone, your stress response becomes healthier, and you actually recover faster from stress.”

Eddie Obeng: Smart Failure for a Fast-Changing World

“We solve last year’s problems without thinking about the future. If you try and think about it, the things you’re solving now, what problems are they going to bring in the future? If you haven’t understood the world you’re living in, it’s almost impossible to be absolutely certain that what you’re going to deliver fits.”

“You are sitting at the headquarters of a global corporation if you’re connected to the Internet. What’s happened is, we’ve changed the scale. Size and scale are no longer the same. And then add to that, every time you tweet, over a third of your followers follow from a country which is not your own.”

Dr. Ivan Joseph: The Skill of Self-Confidence

“The most important thing is self confidence. Without that skill we are useless as a soccer player, because when you lose sight or belief in yourself, we are done for.”

“Self confident people interpret feedback the way they choose to.”

“We all have a self talk tape that plays in our head. Guess what? There are enough people telling us that we can’t do it, that we aren’t good enough. Why do we want to tell ourselves that?”

Kevin Allocca: Why Videos Go Viral

“No one has to green-light your idea. And we all now feel some ownership in our own pop culture. And these are not characteristics of old media, and they’re barely true of the media of today, but they will define the entertainment of the future.”

“So “Nyan Cat” is a looped animation with looped music. It’s this, just like this. It’s been viewed nearly 50 million times this year. And if you think that that is weird, you should know that there is a three-hour version of this that’s been viewed four million times.”

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