Exclusive ONLINE course for Busy Entrepreneurs to understand the core principles of Business Management.

Duration: 6 Weeks
Delivery Method: Online

$ 500


Key Topics

Get in-depth real-life knowledge about Business Management on below topics.


What is entrepreneurship and what are the responsibilities of an entrepreneur.

Business Management

Learn about the roles and responsibilities of the Management

Business Laws

Learn about the legal part of contracts and compliances management.

Finance Management

Learn to manage cash-flow effectively, and raise funding for your business.

Marketing Management

Gain mastery over Branding, Marketing & Sales for your business.

Team Management

Learn how to build Motivated Teams and Great Workplace Culture.

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Admissions are done based on Eligibility Qualification & Business Assessment. 

Step 1

Apply for the Admission
Apply for the admission by clicking on the button given on this page. This will take you to the application form. Submit your information.

Step 2

Online Interview

Once your application is accepted for primary selection, you will receive an email with a link to schedule your Online Interview using Skype/Zoom. 

Step 3

Business Assessment
Based on your interview, if selected, you will be sent the link for Business Assessment. You will have to input your business details in the given form..

Step 4

Application Acceptance
Based on your personal interview and business assessment, your application will be evaluated. If accepted you will be notified by email with a link for payment of fees..

Step 5

Submission of Fees
Upon acceptance of your admission, you will submit the fees for the course in full using the given link.

Step 6

Access to Onlne Platform
You will be notified 1 day before the course starts, about the access details for the online platform to attend your classes.

Step 7

Weekly Assessments
Attending weekly class, and completing your weekly assessment is mandatory. You will be required to implement the given knowledge and templates in your current business and submit the assessments for review.

Step 8

Course Completion
Attending all the video lectures and completing all the assessments is mandatory to complete the course. You will receive the certificate of the course upon completing the final assessment/business plan.  You can continue to access the course for 1 year for further revision.

"This course is the BEST INVESTMENT I have ever Did.  It changed the way I do business, forever."

"I could convert my business from a Local Shop, into an International Consultancy with the knowledge received."

"I Understood the unforeseen risks BEFORE Starting my Business, which was possible only with this course."

Starting On: 1 September 2019

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